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Pet Distance Energy Healing - Aurora MisticaPets are such an important part of our lives. They love us unconditionally.

Pets are very sensitive to energy. Have you ever seen your pet look and act as if something was there? You can rest assurred that something IS there...some form of energy is present. It could even be that your pet is aware of the presence of a loved one who has passed.

Pets become very energetically intertwined with their owners. It is not uncommon for pets to take on our very same issues.

At times, it seems that pets are truly mirroring a part of who we are.

Whatever their life purpose, pets also can use some healing energy. Many of us get our pets after spending time with prior owners. The environments our pets endured may have been less than supportive of their needs. Their previous owners, for what ever reason, may have been less than kind to their pets. It could have been that the prior owners were too overwhlemed with work, finances, relationship issues and family schedules. Regardless of the quality of their previous environment, rest assured that it had an impact on the pets' physical as well as emotional well being.

Just like us humans, pets have their challenges. Aurora Mistica™ is a gift of love which any pet could use. Again, how the energy is used is dependent upon the pets' souls and God/Universe/Source.

It is no coincidence that those that do energywork are a magnet to both pets and children. They are both pure enough to follow their instincts and move in the direction of their needs.

Aurora Mistica™ sessions for pets are obtained using the same registration forms as those for groups, people, events and space blessings. Tuning into your pet can help you determine the duration of the Aurora Mistica ™ session. Follow your instincts. You and your pet have a bond worth trusting.

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