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Self Care ~ Time In Nature

Sunrise, Sunset, the Moon and Stars
Our bodies innately respond to a particular rhythm concerning how we time our lives.
Upon the invention of the light bulb, our lives no longer allow us to follow the patterns of this natural circadian rhythm. To fit into today's society, it would be almost impossible to go completely back to that perfect healthy rhythm.
We must do the best we can do.

If possible, as often as you can, go outside and enjoy the energy of sunrises, sunsets, the moon and the stars. Each of these has an energy and gift which feeds our soul healing us at many levels. Even though it may not be practical to rise with the rising sun and go to sleep with the setting sun, anything we can do to simulate these daily events would be of tremendous benefit to our bodies, minds and spirits.

With the rise in incidences of skin cancer, sunlight has been highly villainized. The fact remains that our bodies need unobstructed sunlight for a multitude of biological reasons.
The production of Vitamin D is only one of these reasons. It is well documented that people who live in northern climates often suffer from more anxiety, colds, flus and SAD (seasonal affective disorder) then their southern counterparts.

Sunscreens and sun blocks prevent us from getting the physiologically essential rays of the sun.

I believe that there is a balance concerning the degree of our exposure to the rays of the sun. There are times of the day when stepping into the sunlight is safer than others.

Check with your dermatologist and ask them to consider your climate and personal physiology to determine the best course of action in safely stepping out in sunlight without the interference of sunglasses and sunscreen.

It may be that exposure for only five minutes a day at a specific time of day is enough to meet biological requirements. The amount of safe exposure will vary from person to person and climate to climate. Whatever amount of the sun's light and rays you can safely handle, it is better than getting no sun at all.

In addition to recommending the protocol for YOUR safe exposure to the sun, your dermatologist should be familiar with alternate methods of light supplementation. Ask your doctor about the various light bulbs being sold that approach a successful simulation of natural sunlight. Nutritionally, supplements such as Vitamin D may also be recommended. There are blood tests which measure the markers of sun depravation. Perhaps your dermatologist can offer some professional guidance.

Before taking action, please remember that Issues of underexposure and overexposure equally deserve the expertise of a medically certified professional.

Before making any changes in your exposure to sun, diet etc. check with your doctor to see what your healthy options may be.

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